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Texture Twelve Etched Glass Decorative Static Cling Window Film

Texture Twelve Etched Glass Decorative Static Cling Window Film

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***THIS LISTING'S PRICE IS FOR ONE PIECE OF 24" X 36" WINDOW FILM. TEXTURE TWELVE IS THE NAME OF THE FILM. THERE ARE NOT 12 PIECES OF FILM INCLUDED IN THE PRICE. If you need more than one piece of film you can change the quantity and you will be charged for each piece of film.

This decorative film creates beauty and sparkle of etched glass. These 24 inch x 36 inch panels, they can be trimmed or combined to fit any size window (also available in 36 inch x 72 inch, listed and sold separately). The image is a repeating pattern both left to right and top to bottom, therefore multiple pieces can be matched either vertically or horizontally to cover larger windows or doors.
These films have an image that is visible from both sides of the glass, providing style and limited privacy, while allowing natural light to enter the room. It is easily applied to the interior of the glass without adhesives. It provides UV protection. This film is an inexpensive alternative to traditional window.


> This easy to apply film is adhesive free and contains the essence of real glass for authentic sparkle and shimmer.

> 90 to 95% UV protection depending upon the film. Filters UV rays and helps save energy. (Keeps room cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

> Improves privacy and security while letting in light.

> Diffuses glare and softens harsh sun.

> Obscures a bad view

> Applies with just a spray bottle of water and a couple drops of liquid soap.

> Is easy to trim to size

> Easy to clean

> Not affected by steam or moisture


> Measure window and trim film on a smooth flat surface.

> You will need to leave approximately 1/8 inch space between the film and the edge of your glass so that water can be removed from under the film. 

> Remove all dirt and debris from the glass using any commercial glass cleaner.

> Add a few drops of liquid soap to a spray bottle of cold water. Spray a generous amount of the mixture on the glass. 

> MAKE SURE THE FILM AND THE BACKING PAPER DO NOT GET WET BEFORE REMOVING THE FILM FROM THE BACKING PAPER. If these get wet this may ruin your film as it will be difficult to remove the film from the backing paper.

> Peel film from backing paper, keeping backing paper dry and film lint and dust free.

> Position film on the glass. The side of the film applied to the backing paper is the side that will be applied to the glass.

> Squeegee out excess water with squeegee or credit card until all bubbles and water have been removed.

> Do not apply film to glass while the glass is hot.


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